Firm Overview – Practice Areas

Many people in Denham Springs know me from my consumer bankruptcy work, but there is more to me than that:

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

We are a federally designated debt relief agency. I help people file for relief under the bankruptcy code. Chapter 7 bankruptcies are a wonderful resource to low-income individuals who have enough to cover the basics, and maybe a little extra, but who are overwhelmed with debt. It is also useful for business owners needing to shed large dollar amounts of debt they personally guaranteed, or regular, middle-class folks who just need a fresh start. Those who qualify are able to use a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to eliminate their medical bills, credit cards, garnishments, judgments, and more, and get back being able to enjoy children, grandchildren, spouses, and life in general.

Chapter 13 bankruptcies are designed to allow you to save your home from foreclosure. The Chapter 13 Plan can be designed to give you five years to catch up on your house payment, pay your car, pay back taxes, and even to pay a portion or all of your other debt, depending on your personal needs and financial situation. You need to have an income, and there are some other qualifications we need to look at to be certain you qualify, but for many people in foreclosure, this is the best option to save their home and get a fresh start.

If you are thinking about filing a bankruptcy case, you will need to take a Credit Counseling course such as this one:

If you have already filed, you will need to take a Financial Management course before you can receive your discharge, such as this one:


For those who have lost loved ones, it is often painful to deal with the paperwork that needs to be done in connection with their passing. However, without an official succession, title to the home, cars, and other possessions won’t pass to the heirs, and therefore cannot be sold, if there wasn’t a good estate plan in place. Many families also experience bickering and fighting between family members about what needs to happen with their loved-one’s property that can be resolved by speaking to an attorney about what the law requires. If you have lost a loved one, please come in for a free consultation to see what needs to happen to close this chapter, allowing you and your family to heal and move on.

Personal Injury and Off-shore Injury

If you have been injured in an accident, a slip-and-fall, while working off-shore, or in any other way, please come in and discuss your case with us or one of our network of attorneys. Because we are not one of the big, machine-like firms you see advertising on TV, we have the time to give your case the attention it needs. Remember, if it’s not your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay. And for those who were injured while working on a ship, a tug, or other off-shore location, the Jones Act and other laws place certain duties on your employer and others to make sure you are taken care of. Don’t let them lull you into a sense of well-being. Often, you are owed much more than they are willing to offer without an attorney’s help, and the law often allows you to make your employer pay for your attorney when you have been injured working off shore. Don’t be a victim, instead come in and take action to protect you and your family from financial ruin. On these cases I often refer you to another attorney who focuses on the specific area of law you need. This is another way to give your case the focus it deserves.