Thank you for visiting us! You have probably received a letter from us, or maybe just googled something like “bankruptcy attorney,” “succession,” or just plain old “Denham Springs attorney”, or maybe a friend told you about me.

My entire legal career has been focused on helping ordinary people get out of debt and establish a solid financial foundation. I have recently teamed up with Primerica to help my clients once the legal work is done, so that I can be with you all the way forward to help you get rid of and stay out of debt, protect what you have, and build wealth for the future.

You may be wondering how to walk away from a flooded home, or if there is any way to get relief from other debts so you can afford to save your home. If you have, you have reached the right place! This is a federally designated debt relief agency; meaning I help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy code. What I do goes far beyond that, and includes helping you make a plan to get out of debt and stay out of debt, and teaching you how to build wealth over time. I also write wills, help you with power of attorney documents, create trusts that most people of normal means can benefit from, and of course my network of trusted professionals and I are able to help you with your personal injury and off-shore claims. My goal is to help normal people, meaning to help my clients, get on their feet and to prepare for the future.

The economy for several years has resulted in many people needing help either saving their home, or defending themselves against debt collectors, and often both. The August 2016 flooding has only made tight budgets even tighter. More often than not, my clients come in just hoping for a fresh start, most frequently because life has been rough on them, and often haven’t yet thought about a plan to get to retirement because the present has been overwhelming. Recognizing this, I help people recover from circumstances that are often beyond their control, and I work with Primerica to help my clients plan for the future. Remember, I represent real people, never corporations, banks, or other entities that care nothing for you and your family. This firm’s aim is to help you and your family, never the banks. Once your immediate financial troubles are under control, it is time to look forward and prepare for the future, which is easier than you think. Working with Primerica to plan for the future gives you access to professionals with different areas expertise that I team up with to not only help you recover, but to prosper into retirement and beyond.

I cannot guarantee that I can help, but isn’t it worth a free consultation to see if you can pay off your home and eliminate all your other debt? Isn’t it worth the consultation to see if you can stabilize your finances so you can get on the road to a comfortable future? The initial consultation is free with no strings attached, and most of our clients leave feeling the relief that only comes from knowing that there is hope. Don’t be a victim of circumstance, come get your fresh start!

Call or email today, and Kristian or Kelsye can schedule you an appointment. I am also  available for scheduled, brief, informational phone calls if you would like to briefly discuss your situation before coming in. But don’t let the idea of seeing a lawyer scare you; we are friendly, I am usually in flip-flops, and the visit is free.

National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys